I took two self portraits today, because I treated myself to a new outfit last week and don’t have an excuse to wear it until the weekend (My friend Kirsty’s 21st!)

Thought it was very… seasonal :) Halloween and all. Talking of which, totally going on a ghost walk for halloween - I hope loads of people dress up to scare us :3

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  1. tearsandtorment said: so beautiful
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    RRRGLGR Part 386: I love everyone.
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    I cannot get over how gorgeous my friend Yaz is. Been talking to this girl since I was 14 (22 now) and I have pictures...
  4. there-is-a-hero-in-all-of-us said: You look amazing.
  5. builtforspeed said: I don’t know if its either the hint of a smirk in the black and white one or just the look in your eyes - But you look a wee bit more mature and sexy in it than the above where you look lovely and cheerful! :-)
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